Popular Paranoia - I just love it
Published on February 12, 2011 By greensleeves In War on Terror

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Popular Paranoia

I truly love the book, which I purchased a few years ago. It is a brilliant coffee tabel book, the kind of thing you can just pick up and read a few interesting snippets from.

There is a very informative article on the strange death of world government - secret probing - Danny Casolaro. It really was a case of 'Ye know too much'  It appears that Danny Casolaro who was probing the PROMIS software case amongst other things, opened up a can of worms.

His notes (from the book) read 737, London SAS Khassogi, Komac Sonoza, Mexico Pine Gap, Ethiopia and appear to have something to do with weapon dealing. Casolaro calls it The Octopus  There is a really good article on page 276.

Then we go on to Jim Keith who died apparently of a blood clot to the lung in hospital after having a fall at 'Burning Man' and injuring his knee.  Was he a sacrifice like the film The Wicker Man?  Again, good stuff on page 285.

The main problem was that Jim keith had written on his Ezine an article claiming that the late Princess Diana was pregnant at the time of her death, (something I also read recently in another magazine) next minute a giant kybosh took Mr Keith out.  Even the Casolaro story had links to Mohammed Al Fayed. 

Whatever the truth, these men were not afraid to stand up for their beliefs, perhaps a bit too loudly for their own eventual comfor.

It would appear that Danny Casolaro and Jim Keith are just two examples and there are plenty more, of men bravely fighting 'The War On Terror' right back in the 1990s - and paid for their efforts with their lives - early victims of gangstalking?  I wonder. 

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